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Jtv-Downloader: A Tool To Download And Record Live Streams From Justin.tv/Twitch.tv


As you might have guessed from the post's title, Jtv-Downloader is a an RTMPDump front-end that allows you to watch and record live streams from Justin.tv/Twitch.tv.

Jtv-Downloader provides the following functionalities:
  • Clean and simple Qt interface (No KDE dependencies)
  • Justin.tv password protected channel support
  • External player (Vlc, Mplayer, Totem ...)
Since the app uses RTMPDump for grabing live streams, it is highly recommended to install the latest version of this library:

Ubuntu Precise And Under Instructions:

#Amd64 Binaries

cd ~/Downloads
wget http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/pool/main/r/rtmpdump/rtmpdump_2.4+20111222.git4e06e21-1_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb

#i386 Binaries

cd ~/Downloads
wget http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/pool/main/r/rtmpdump/rtmpdump_2.4+20111222.git4e06e21-1_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb

Ubuntu Quantal Instructions:

sudo apt-get install rtmpdump


#Recording In Action

#External Player

Jtv-Downloader can easily be installed from the following PPA which provides the latest versions of the application for Lucid, Natty, Oneiric, Precise, Quantal and Raring:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:toine512/jtv-downloader
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jtv-downloader


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