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Use Bash Script Uploader To Easily Upload Your Images To Imgur


Imgur Bash Script Uploader is a simple script  that allows you to upload your images to imgur directly from the command-line. 

Even though Bash Script Uploader is a command line tool, it is easy to use, so don't let this scare you away.

First, you need to install the application dependencies:

sudo apt-get install curl xclip

Now, download the script from Imgur: HERE, then run the following commands in a terminal (assuming that the script is placed in your download folder  /home/USER/Downloads) :

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x imgurbash.sh
sudo mv imgurbash.sh /bin/imgurup

To upload an image to Imgur, simply paste Shift+Ctrl+V this command into a terminal window:


If you followed the instructions properly, this command would output something like this:

Delete page: http://imgur.com/delete/GUv2q2DAW6rKa1j

See, it wasn't scary, was it? And, you don't even need to copy the image link:
Just open your favorite browser and use the middle-click mouse button to paste the image URL into the browser address bar.


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